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Dust Control Service

Attention Grundy County Rural landowners, you are now able to sign up for Dust Control Service for 2023. For more information and permit click the link below.

Treasurer's Office closed April 4, 2023

The Grundy County Treasurer’s Office will be closed on Tuesday, April 4, in order for the office staff to attend an all-day training.

Help Wanted - Seasonal Conservation Aides

The Grundy County Conservation Board has openings for two Seasonal Park Maintenance positions. For more information click the link below.

Notice of Hearing -Local Government Property Valuation System

Help Wanted - Summer Help at Secondary Road Dept.

The Grundy County Secondary Road Department has an opening for Summer Help. For more information and application click the link below.

Iowa State Association of Counties

In partnership with the National Association of Counties (NACo) and the Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC):

“This centrally-located drop-off, in addition to the one at the Grundy Center Community Building, provides convenience while respecting our national symbol,” said Mark Schildroth, Grundy County Board of Supervisors Chairperson.  “The county is unified in helping enable our citizens to respect our great nation while disposing of old or worn flags.”
Grundy County has installed a flag retirement box, at no cost to the county, on the first-floor lobby of the Grundy County Courthouse, 706 G Avenue, Grundy Center.  This box is in addition to the retirement box that serves the same purpose located at the Grundy Center Community Building.  The United States Flag Code prescribes flag etiquette – everything from flying it near other flags to instructions on how to raise and lower it.  “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning,” says the code.  Flags should be folded respectfully before being placed in the box.  Grundy County will then be responsible for the proper disposal of the worn flags.

Grundy County Treasurer's Office


Effective January 1, 2022, the Grundy County Treasurer's Office will require customers to provide a Bill of Sale when transferring titles to motor vehicles between private parties.  A Bill of Sale or purchase agreement is already required for vehicles purchased from a dealership.  The Iowa State County Treasurer Association (ISCTA) in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR) aim to substantiate vehicle purchase prices which have a direct impact on the fees that are remitted to the State's Road Use Tax fund.  The Bill of Sale should include the seller's name, make of the vehicle, year of the vehicle, vehicle identification number (VIN), buyer's name, date of sale, purchase price and signature of seller and buyer.

Grundy County Development Ordinance

Proposed draft

Open Records Request

Grundy County is committed to open and transparent government and adheres to the Iowa Open Records Act and the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It is the policy of Grundy County to allow the public easy and expedited access to all records that are covered in the Iowa Open Records Act and the FOIA. A written request for records is encouraged. Click the link below to view the full Open Records Policy for Grundy County.